RMA Complete Concept Design for DMZ Museum

The large screen dividing the foundry building between exhibition and production

RMA have completed the concept design stage for the new 2,000 square metres Museum of the “DonetskSteel” Metallurgical Plant in Donetsk, Ukraine. The Museum will be located in the old foundry building, which was constructed in 1896 and is the oldest intact and functioning building of the plant. The concept includes a division of the space between museum and production so that visitors will be able to experience the real time making of sculptures and church bells.

The metallurgical plant was started by welshman John Hughes in 1869, with stocks raised by the New Russia Company. The workers moving from both Wales and Ukraine to work in the plant led to the creation of the town of Hughesovka, now known as the city of Donetsk. Donetsk currently has a population of 1 million inhabitants.